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It's a whirlwind scenario that would be tough to play even in the best of circumstances, but portrayer Robert Adamson has even more pressure as he brings Noah's difficult situation to life.

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"My production partner, Jordan Ross, and I have done a number of shorts now, and he had this one; it was a [passion project] he wanted to do, and when I first looked at it, honestly, I told him, 'Dude, I don't think I can direct this,'" Adamson admits of the film, which stars Molly Mc Cook (daughter of B&B's John Mc Cook [Eric Forrester]) as Marilyn Monroe and Louis Hunter (The Secret Circle) as James Dean.

"It was such a tall order, to basically direct James Dean, so I told him I'd rather just shoot it, help him with the visuals, and let somebody else try to figure out how to direct James Dean." However, when their replacement director had to suddenly leave town for a family emergency, Adamson had to quickly take the reins.

" Somehow, the actor has managed to make several films over the past couple of years, all the while playing Noah, romancing Godfrey, and welcoming a child.

And his most recent project, Jimmy, a mysterious and moody short film that brings classic Hollywood movie stars to life, may be one of his best yet.

While television buzz lately seems to often be filled with the likes of lovelorn vampires, reality shows and the Kardashians, the family drama genre is alive and well even when it's not creating the kind of buzz that sells magazines and bumps up website traffic.

Over at ABC Family, "Lincoln Heights," the one-hour drama focusing on the lives of an African-American family living in a Los Angeles working class neighborhood, has actually seen its ratings climb with each season proving wrong any naysayer (i.e., television executive) that says the family drama is dead.

Counselor Jennifer Hartman described Turnbow, 17, as a “sweet girl with a feisty temper” who struggled academically, failing many of her classes before she came running in from behind to discover the importance of education and graduate with her class.

For years while her dad was working, Turnbow was a girl who bounced from one group of kids to another — usually the wrong crowd — and never really had friends.

Erica Hubbard (born January 2, 1979) is an American film and television actress and model. She began acting at age nine in commercials for Mc Donald`s, Reebok, Sears, Kellog`s, MCI, and others.

Her best-known modeling appearances have been in various magazines as the Noxzema "girl" for its 2006 campaign.

Executive producer Kathleen Mc Ghee-Anderson spoke to our Jim Halterman about how there can't be enough family dramas on the air, how she is keeping things real with stories about Iraq and race as well as fan reaction to the interracial romance between two of the teenage characters.

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