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The audience can be expected to regard a romance between two individuals of different genders as simply a romance, yet regarding a romance between two individuals of the same gender as a romance rather than just a romance.

However, unless the work is about homophobia, don't expect the characters to encounter any homophobes raining on their parade.

The band spent two years in obscurity until shooting to prominence with their #1 single in the United States, "Light My Fire", taken from their self-titled debut album.

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Since his death, his fame has endured as one of popular culture's most rebellious and oft-displayed icons, representing the generation gap and youth counterculture.

who commanded United States naval forces during the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which provided the pretext for the US involvement in the Vietnam War in 1965.

With the fading tradition of portraying gay people as effeminate, weak or perverted, and with some young people using the word "gay" as if it meant "incompetent" or "stupid", it still requires some skill to successfully make a character badass while at the same time have the character directly or indirectly engage in same-sex romance.

If done well, the contrast between the negative stereotypes and the awesomeness of the character can enhance the character(s) and/or the plot.

By 2008, Susan was expressing fears and frustrations about her marriage to friends.

She recorded a video in July 2009 and wrote a secret will that included the statements "I want it documented that there is extreme turmoil in our marriage" and "If I die, it may not be an accident, even if it looks like one." After Susan Powell's disappearance, investigators' scrutiny extended not only to Josh Powell, but also to his father, Steven "Steve" Powell, who was said to have become romantically obsessed with Susan.On February 5, 2012, Josh Powell killed himself and the couple's two young sons, Charles Joshua Powell (b. January 2, 2007) in a murder–suicide after custody of the boys had been awarded to Susan Cox Powell's parents.On May 21, 2013, West Valley City police closed their active investigation into Susan Powell's disappearance. January 20, 1976) at the Portland Oregon Temple in April 2001.TVLINE | Even before getting infected, Damon was headed down a dark path. It’s not going to be an easy road for Damon to come back, because what he did was pretty bad.What we’re trying to explore is, now that Stefan is moving on from Elena after this whole Katherine chapter closes, he’s trying to figure out the next big movement in his life. He’s everything that Nadia’s not, although she might actually be good if she wasn’t so hellbent on finding her mom throughout time.They definitely will, but their shock of discovering that it’s Katherine will be trumped by the fact that they need to figure out how to get Elena back. And it’s not just the sexual element of it; Klaus represents everything that’s ruined Tyler’s life in the past few years.

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