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Entre Nous services are designed for busy people who prefer to spend their leisure time with a partner rather than searching for one.

Introductions for successful or professional singles Elegant Social Events to meet singles in a fun setting Relationship Education to double your chances of a successful, happy, enduring relationship Monthly Newsletters to give you helpful information about the dating scene Image Consulting to help you look good and feel great Let Entre Nous find a partner for you!

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Ricardo Faingold discusses his recent trip to Maputo, Mozambique where he taught staff and residents at Maputo Central Hospital how to perform radiology exams, and gave various workshops and lectures on everything from x-rays and CT scans, to MRIs and ultrasound.

In advance of his presentation at the World Economic Forum, Andrew Gonzalez, talks to the Reporter about the ways in which dense urban areas have caused a serious disconnect between ecosystems – a disconnect that can have a negative impact on people’s wellbeing.

Entre-Nous Consulting Inc and employee Patricia Salib have both been charged under Ontario’s Consumer Protection Act with two counts each of failing to deliver on a valid contract, failing to deliver a refund within 15 days and unfair practices.

“Two consumer complainants attended the office of Entre-Nous Network in Toronto, and following an intensive interview process, contracted with the company,” says Mark Skaff, spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services.

Because Entre-Nous is a Toronto-based company, all consumer complaints about the matchmaking service in Canada are sent to Ontario’s BBB.

This is not the first time Entre-Nous has been in court.

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Entre Nous has over 20 years of experience in successfully matching single men and single women.

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