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Now that we have a better understanding of the hookup environment, let’s turn our attention to figuring out what you want and helping you get it.When I was a girl my friends and I all wanted the same thing: a big, grand, passionate love.The intimate space is a perfect fit for bands like You Blew It!

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Emo sex hookup

We were ready for sex, but we dreamed of having it in the context of being in love.

And I believe that most girls today want that too, to be in love.

“Even if you are in a relationship and this isn’t just a hookup, having sex and the release of hormones upon orgasm can force you to feel emotions that you have been avoiding tapping into.” Lauren encourages collegiettes to avoid suppressing such feelings.

“[This] doesn’t mean that you should indulge your grief and go deeply into it in that moment—but do make sure that you think about it at some point and be honest with yourself about where it came from and what it is telling you about where you are emotionally,” she says.

Seriously, according to a study published by the Journal of , up to 46 percent of women reported experiencing feelings of anxiety, agitation, melancholy or sadness after sex at some point in their lifetimes. We recruited the help of Laurel House, author, dating and relationship expert to get the scoop on exactly what these feelings are all about.

A huge reason why young women experience negative emotions after sex is that, quite frankly, they are having sex when they don’t really want to or are not emotionally or physically ready.

Groups of fresh-faced fans huddled together, quietly talking with anxious anticipation about which band they were most excited to see, what song each band would play first and – even more importantly – what they would close with. sat at a table on the patio and chatted nonchalantly. singer and guitarist Tanner Jones stood at the bar sipping a beer next to some of the younger patrons’ slightly nervous parents.

Cat’s Cradle’s alternate concert space is nothing if not comfortable — a small stage looks out over a room that holds the audience, all three bands’ merchandise tables and the bar, which sits under a balcony seating area.

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Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us have felt it­—that unexplainable sadness after sex.

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