Emily scott dating

These special sessions must take place with in the first 12 days of life to capture the best moments of your new loved one all snuggled up.

All sessions are scheduled for 2 hours and can include posed shots along with your lifestyle session.

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Enjoy the results you want much faster than you might think.

What you’re in for could be insightful, humorous or flat-out controversial…but it’s guaranteed to be original.

I’m also meditating on what I want this next phase of my life to hold for me.

I’m setting clear, heartfelt intentions and practicing gratitude and wonder and presence.

I have a permanent Chaco tan right now and I’ve forgotten how to wear makeup or anything other than yoga pants.

I’m sleeping well, cooking nourishing food, writing most days, and working on a whole bunch of new songs!

It really becomes storytelling as I document the incredible experience of births, first newborn moments, family’s playing together, sisters blowing bubbles, the family pet, and Senior’s as they declare themselves ready to take on the world. Newborn sessions will be scheduled at your home or in my studio.

I want to insure your comfort so I will let you decide.

Only actionable, real-world advice that flat-out works.

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