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His brother, Jack, and his son, Dixon, are deputized.

Bergl was born in Milton Keynes, England to an Irish mother and an English architect father. Bergl had a major role in the Steven Spielberg 2002 miniseries Taken.

She lacks a British accent because she moved to Chicago with her family when she was a child and attended Glenbrook South High School and Grinnell College, where she was the lead in several school productions. Bergl had a significant co-starring role in the ABC series Men in Trees as Annie, an enthusiastic fan of the series' main character, relationship expert Marin Frist (Anne Heche).

The men in the town, outnumbering the women by a large margin, are less than impressed with Marin's advice.

Through a series of circumstances, Marin becomes stranded in the small city.

Season two of the ABC show will revolve around a crime set in the high school basketball world when a student accuses several players on a championship team of sexually assaulting him, and then taking photos and posting them online.

The storyline will allow the creative team to explore issues of social economics, education, as well as sexual orientation, Ridley told See More: ABC’s ‘American Crime’ Adds Bond Girl Stephanie Sigman Bergl will play Lillah Tanner, the mother of Eric Lupton (played by Joey Pollari), a basketball player from a working class family who’s attending school on a scholarship.

La série suit la famille Gallagher, stéréotype de la famille catholique d'origine irlandaise.

Le père, Frank Gallagher, est un homme irresponsable qui passe son temps à boire et à tenter de profiter du système.

A relationship-advice guru, upon learning that her fiancé is cheating on her, decides to stay in a small town in Alaska, the most recent stop on her book tour.

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