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Yes the Taurus blossoms and green trees that's what we think about but that's in the northern hemisphere what about Australia, here all of this from happening we can be sure of one thing: Wherever hemisphere you live in, Venus is moving from her exaltation to her detriment.

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And with Mars in Gemini, that person is often not your partner.

May does not represent a completely separate set of planetary influences. You need to understand that each month does not mean a clean slate that has no connection to the month before it.

Loyal, humorous, faithful and fair, these cuspers are always prepared to give the best, and they expect the same in return. Sagicorns are eager to get things done and they don't like waiting around.

Because they love children and are exceptionally bright, teaching is a likely career, or something adventurous involving language or travel. They may in fact forge off on their own if others won't cooperate fast enough, because they're intent on seeing their dreams through and starting N-O-W.

Each new Moon cycle sets the tone and character for the month ahead and delivers fresh energy into your life, but It can only do so as it relates to what has come before.

As Venus has just been put through a series of trials, tribulations and tests of love from January until now, so have all your major relationships --business and personal.Around 1820 Smith is said to have experienced a theophany, now known as his First Vision among Mormons.Around this time he, along with other male members of his family, was hired to assist in searching for buried treasure.You'll want to look at the other planetary aspects in your birth chart to get the most clear picture of your cosmic profile, but having a birthday on the cusp of these two Sun signs alone points to unparalleled success.At once outgoing and friendly, as well as reliable and responsible, there's no stopping a "Sagicorn" from being the best at whatever they choose to be.In earlier times each valley of the Alps had its own specialty cheese that was used to pay taxes.

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