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Perhaps it’s at the supermarket when you pick up a loaf of Sara Lee bread or a bottle of Minute Maid orange juice.

Or the convenience store where the clerk may grab a carton of Marlboro or Virginia Slims cigarettes from behind the counter. Hughes moved to Minnesota in 2002, but he spent most of his career as a lettering artist in Chicago and Milwaukee.

Rassier was questioned about Jacob’s abduction several times over the years and was subjected to lie detector tests and hypnosis. In federal court this week, Heinrich, jailed for the past 11 months on child pornography charges, confessed to abducting, molesting and killing Jacob and kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 12-year-old boy nine months earlier in nearby Cold Spring, Minn.

— and a Paynesville sex offender and acquaintance of Heinrich’s.

Jacob was abducted in front of the home of Daniel Rassier, a local music teacher.

Hughes used his artistic skills to design the logos for these and dozens of other popular brands during his career as a lettering artist. Hughes ended up in a boardinghouse in Milwaukee and studied at Boys’ Technical High School.

“He was considered the top commercial lettering guy in the country by many people,” said his wife, Janey Westin, who is also an artist. He was mentored there by art teacher Ray Cotè, who told him, “Hughes, you’re going to be a lettering man,” Westin said. He worked at a sign shop and art studio while in high school and attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts for a few months, Westin said.

The state patrol reports the 2017 Maserati was stopped on the right shoulder of Highway 169 in Zimmerman when the driver is said to have accelerated suddenly into the left lane and was struck by the semi traveling north.

For many students, life couldn't be better in the summer.

JMW is housed in the historic old Railroad Saloon and Hotel building at the corner of 2nd Avenue and Scott Street in downtown Shakopee, Minnesota.

Rumored to have housed gambling and other leisure pursuits over the years, the building has been home to JMW for over 40 years.

is a litigation focused firm offering superior legal services by experienced advocates and advisors.

JMW is deeply rooted in the southwest metro community with our attorneys volunteering as advisors to a variety of charities and nonprofit groups, as well as being appointed by the judiciary in complex litigation and public defender cases.

He then moved to the pros, designing ads for the yellow pages in Milwaukee and working for 10 years as a letter designer at the Milwaukee Journal.

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