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And maybe this will provide some "adequate preparation" for others who will spend time in Ecuador.This page is not meant to dis Ecuador, the Ecuadorian people or their culture.

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They are at an elevation high in the clouds which means cold temperatures, which means risks of hypothermia. Giovanna's main concern is not having anyone to cuddle with at night...

Day 1 and Wes is already cutting himself with the machete and Giovanna is talking about what she has learned on You Tube.

Wes is a go-getter and it's taking a toll on his mind and body.

Culture shock has been defined as "a sense of confusion and uncertainty sometimes with feelings of anxiety that may affect people exposed to an alien culture or environment without adequate preparation." (Merriam Webster Online Dictionary)And I think most of us, if not all of us, who have spent some time in Ecuador have experienced some degree of culture shock. I'm going to try to go over a few things that were hard for me and others I know.

Findings: Guayaquil produces the hottest women and they all seem to have been Miss Ecuador at some point and they all have nicknames (leave a comment if you actually read this part).

Without further ado, here’s my completely biased list of the hottest women in Ecuador, enjoy responsibly. Fernanda Cornejo – Maria Fernanda Cornejo Alfaro is a professional model from Quito who was the first Ecuadorian women to reach such a level of beauty that she was named Miss International 2011. She breaks the top 10 list because I think she’s super sexy for managing to shed her hot image to play a character which turned out to be a classic figure in Ecuadorian television. Even when he bends over to get the fire ants off of him, he gets dizzy and loses his balance. All she has is the mosquito netting and a will to make it to the end. Or maybe that ginormous snail will taste better than the bitter fruits? Well, it "looks like pork" and "taste like pork and snail". While his projects and ideas may come to fruition, at some point it will be just as important to sit down and conserve energy.She was born in Guayaquil and has lived most of her life in Duran, Ecuador, a small city in the Guayaquil metro area. She studied journalism and Communications in Chicago and Nebraska before joining CNN radio and then CNN Spanish News. María Elisa Camargo – This one is kind of cheating because Maria has Colombian parents and become famous in Colombia, but she was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador so we’ll let it slide.by Ashley Thompson In the Ecuadorian cloud forest with daily rain, we have two new survivalists begging for clothing and safety. On his way to the lemon tree he falls in the creek and Giovanna thinks he's burning more calories than what the citrus is providing. But the producers have to intervene because the river has reached it's limits.A dapper appearance, smart unrumpled clothes, brushed hair and polished shoes are unlikely to be achievable for most travellers, but are pretty well obligatory in business circles.

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