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How can restaurants be sure they are maximizing their potential for profit on this busy day?

CAKE found that adopting integrated technology can help restaurants streamline their operations on busy holidays, like Valentine’s day, and make the most of their potential revenue. According to the survey, 71 percent of Americans planned to dine out in celebration of the romantic holiday this year; and many indicated a desire to throw caution to the wind and break their diets, budgets, as well as the traditional rules of dating.

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Valentine’s Day was the other day and couples around the country spent a romantic night out at their favorite restaurants.

It’s no surprise—restaurants benefit greatly from Cupid’s holiday, seeing and uptick of 67 percent revenue compared to an average day.

I’m out to create the most authentically experienced, delightful, passion-pursuing, humanity-improving existence I can; thus, I’m content with the trade-offs we make in order to retain our luxuries.

So how do two people (that’d be us) who only spent $13,000 (plus our mortgage) in all of 2014 manage to live a luxurious life?

The point of our frugality isn’t merely to save as much money as possible, the point is to create lives we love living.

There’s no martyrdom or pain in our lifestyle of extreme frugality and we never feel as though we’re missing out on the riches of life. Frugalwoods and I aren’t ascetics or stoics, we’re optimizers.This week, it’s coffee, but last week it was smoothies, and the week before it was a juicer. am: Once I’ve figured out how to make the drinks making gadget work, and set it going, I go out into the garden – well, my fifty acre smallholding – and fetch some eggs from the henhouse, then I bring them indoors and make up a BRAND NEW RECIPE that I just KNOW the whole world needs to hear, I make a mental note to write about it on my blog after I’ve finished breakfast. Something that comes up high in the Search Engine results but is still super-unique and I start making my BRAND NEW RECIPE and am pleased to see that the drinks making gadget is pouring coffee into a cup for me. No, brain, Eggs Bunnydict is a terrible name for anything ever. am: Armed with my second cup of coffee I relocate to my study, which is really a corner of my bedroom or living room, and I turn on my laptop.Completed in 1958, the Oak Island Lighthouse is a major source of local and state pride in North Carolina.Known as one of the state’s “newest” lighthouses, it is located in the Caswell Beach area of the island and offers year-round tours to the top (131 steps) at no charge for guests 9 years and older with a reservation.Take heed when walking around Caswell , our very own turtle sanctuary.

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