Eazy dating

The track is set over a 60′s ‘Doo-Wop’ melody with a ‘Trap’ infused beat.

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In our fast-paced world there isn't always time to go out and mingle unfortunately, but to find love one has to date.

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All this to make your searching experience safe and easy.When she first released the song, everybody assumed it was about Taylor Swift because it obviously is.But a few hours later, Katy went on TV and said that we were all tripping and it was If you’ve been following Katy Perry’s career over the past couple of months — and who’s been able to look away — then you’ve probably noticed she’s been acting more than a little all over the place. [Eazy-E] Out wit the old in with the muthaphukkin new But check dis shit out I got somebody for ya bitch.... Knocc Out] The R-U-T-H-L-E double S Yo it's the nigga knocc out Claim the block so nigga whats next Try to step and flex and get wrecked like a mac truck I'm kickin', tah spittin' this funky shit to make a quick phat buck I'm doggin' a dog you suckaz can't talk bout tip flip I rip shit I'm stressin' "Damn cuz", "Pick it back up" Chillin up in the studio With the Ruthless Family Fuck the Death Row Posse Yo them fools cannot handle me Snoop and Andre ya come and try to fade the Loc'ed out, Compton, Original Baby Gangsta 1-8-7's how we do it on the West Ya say ya shit is Chronic but to me it's more like stress Or should I say make my shit the stronic Tha Dogg Pound don't wanna step to the atomic dog D-O-T-K-N-O-Double-C-O-U-T so muthaphukka come and phuck wit me. A Punk nigga deceased yeah And the bitch that was yours will be mine buddy All because ya woofed on a nigga that was nutty And I had to make an example Nigga thinks I'm crazy now but that was just a sample Of a nigga with street wise reality That don't give a fuck type Compton mentality I stare back death right in the face Contemplate my last day on and everyday base Cause a nigga neva know when he go I hope it only takes one shot Cause I don't wanna die slow My funeral will be full of my peers People that neva gave a fuck about me droppin' Threw me tears I hope I'm in the casket face down So all you muthaphukkaz can kiss my black ass now And fuck all that cryin' all night Just be happy that I'm rid of this fucked up life Yeah, and now you see you can't handle me I give a shout to Tonel and the Ruthless Phuckin Family.While at first it didn’t seem like anything, people are starting to get concerned that Katy’s actually losing A big explosion just rocked an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, at about p.m. Cops say there have already been multiple fatalities and injuries, but it’s too soon to tell exactly how many.

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