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At this point you are going to have to follow all of my instructions to get further support with this.I did not ask you to send me a copy of the old file after you said you could not locate it, but send a copy of the new file which I will check with my file.

I don't really have anything against these people, I just can't relate to them. The problem is, I don't have enough time to monitor these threads day in and day out to make sure that this last group of people have a clean enough thread to get what they need - ya know? IF YOU DON'T HAVE A DEAL OR A COMMENT RELATIVE TO A DEAL, DO NOT POST ON THIS THREAD. Further, if you feel like calling someone a name or just being rude in general... Ran into a situation this weekend where I found one of the 10in tile saws and managed to get it to sco but had it taken away after they scanned it.

To other people, these threads are a great place to troll and make fun of other users for fun. but on top of that, I don't really want to serve/host these people. I set rules and tell people that if they don't have a deal to post, then don't post... I'm hoping that with a new thread, people will see it... Even offered to pay last clearance and they wouldn't allow it. Sent from my i Phone using Tapatalk I don't know if they're still there or not but at the Waldorf, MD Home Depot, there was two M18 deals in the clearance bin.

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To help with the scale of the project, two additional developers, Freddie Bingham and Mike Sullivan were brought on to help finish v Bulletin 2.

Kier Darby was brought on during the v Bulletin 2.0 Beta phase to further development.

We have few queries on this :- 1) "Visual Studio 2013 currently marks the INIT section as RWX.

This will be patched soon, but is still compatible as Windows 10 will automatically strip the write permission (W) from the INIT section" From above information from the blog, it seems like the previous versions should be compatible with Windows 10 but, in current failure scenario how should we perform HLK test ?

Now, We are building same driver using Visual Studio 2012 and Windows Driver Kit 8.0 and "Hypervisor Code Integrity Readiness Test" is failing on Windows 10 and Windows 2016 TP5 build with issue ?

Parsing Driver Verifier CI statistics log file detected Code Integrity FAILURES, Non-zero Code Integrity statistic found: Execute-Write Section Count: == 1? Code Integrity trace are as follows:- Code Integrity Statistics: Execute Pool Type Count: 0 Execute Page Protection Count: 0 Execute Page Mapping Count: 0 Execute-Write Section Count: 1 Section Alignment Failures: 0 -compatibility-with-device-guard-in-windows-10/ As per above link, we are supposed to either use latest WDK with VS 2015 or there will be patch for VS 2013 which will modify the default RWX permission of INIT section, no information is present for VS 2012 though.

(doesn't happen to any of the other 4 Sirus/XM radios I have) The rear brakes have been changed twice the 1st time around 18,000 and now at 38,000 miles.

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