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They say that the more forbidden or tragic a love story is, the greater it is. It also has taught me many many morals and made me in general just a better person but the heartbreak is unbearable.

It's hard enough to find the man you're going to marry — imagine if you're working with a fraction of the number most of us are.

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When the girl’s parents found out their daughter was dating Takri, they forbade her to see him.

He then realized that deep-rooted conflicts of the Levant were playing out in the halls of an American high school. “Like Romeo and Juliet.” It was this dramatic scenario that led Takri to finally learn about the religion he belonged to his whole life but had never taken the time to understand.

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Druzenet is a noncommercial website that was launched in 1996 under the sponsorship of the incomparable person of His Imminence Sheikh Bahjat Ghaith.

The thing is that I only found out until recently that her religion is Druze which I had no idea of until I researched on it... i am looking to speak with someone from every religion and faith in order to better understand people, so if any of you could tell me about what you believe, that would be great!

i wont disclose my own faith, because i am here only to learn, not to debate :) thank... If i describe myself positively I�ll appear delude and if I mention my negative statistics I�ll be stupid� So why you don�t figure me out?

He consulted a visiting Lebanese Druze religious scholar to ask how he could learn more about the faith.

The scholar told him to read the Bible, the Old Testament, the Koran and Buddhist texts and advised that a general background in religion would give him a better understanding of what it means to be Druze.

Do you think Civil marriage is a fair action to get married to your beloved one without converting to a non-Durzi religion & not having your name strikeout of the records, which is something the sheikh (iqal) will look into whether they bless your body & soul or not when you die... Even though i was born in Lebanon as a Druze female, i have lived most of my life in Canada.

I have grown up with Canadian friends, in Canadian schools, conformed to Canadian holidays and traditions, and i have abided with Canadian laws. 'Being Druze.' To begin with, I don't even like the name Druze...

I mean, let's talk about THAT for a minute: The name literally comes from a historically infamous traitor to our religion.

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