Droid x news widget not updating

Pure news widget is a scrollable widget for news reading (Rss/Atom) compatible with Feedly and your own RSS list (OPML) .

Currently, it require a launcher supporting scrollable widgets, like ‘ADW.

droid x news widget not updating-9

too many widget size issues 1.4.7: – FIX Feedly feed listing 1.4.6: – FIX widget size issue with Android 4.x 1.4.5: – FIX refresh issue with daily viewer – FIX info panel crash – IMPROVE soft option menu display – FIX very big text size 1.4.4 : – IMPROVE data usage for image download 1.4.3: – IMPROVE image grabbing for Feedly provider 1.4.2: – FIX major crash issue with multiple widgets on Android 3.x/4.x 1.4.1: – IMPROVE scrolling speed (you may need to reconfigure images size) – NEW check internet access on feed selection 1.4.0: – FIX Android 4.4 image display – FIX Android 4.x image issues when widget is installed on lockscreen 1.3.9: – NEW can disable lower right corner action – FIX image grabbing for large images – FIX configuration issue with Feedly 1.3.8: – IMPROVE skin manager style – IMPROVE skin manager download progress visibility – FIX skin manager list issue – FIX skin manager error message in case of invalid skin 1.3.7: – FIX Feedly : some feeds didn’t work – FIX Feedly : grab more pictures – FIX Feedly : feed ‘add’ – FIX default date format – FIX arabic titles – NEW date string customization 1.3.6: – NEW optimize OPML parsing speed – NEW OPML feed selector – FIX skin server DNS issue – FIX OPML reading – FIX OPML entry link issue – FIX clean subscriptions clearing when changing provider – FIX service crash 1.3.5: – FIX Feedly account and token loss 1.3.4: – NEW check for enabled provider – FIX read marker for Android 3.x/4.x 1.3.3: – FIX skin manager style – NEW new provider : Feedly 1.3.2: – NEW filter invalid images – NEW new provider : OPML RSS/Atom list file 1.3.1: – NEW skin server (fix user skin publishing) – NEW compatible with Android 4.2 lockscreen widgets 1.3.0: – FIX major service issue 1.2.9: – IMPROVE image extraction 1.2.8: – IMPROVE add 120 words limit – ADD & UPDATE translations 1.2.7: – FIX ‘loading data’ issue on Android 3.x – FIX refresh time issue 1.2.6: – IMPROVE alternate skin server usage to bypass current hosting provider issue – FIX skin manager skin issue (download & colors) 1.2.5: – FIX refresh time issue – FIX problem gif embedded images – FIX body inherit if empty 1.2.4: – NEW proctection against big image/content download (200kb max per image, only png, jpg and gif) – NEW allow setting export naming – FIX list view mode with Honeycomb/Ics – FIX search order (newer will always appear) 1.2.3: – FIX source issue with Honeycomb/Ics 1.2.2: – FIX text size with Honey Comb/Ics – FIX internal issue with scrollable mode and Honeycomb/ICS – FIX compatibility with Android 1.5 1.2.1: – NEW enable Holo theme in config panel for Honeycomb/ICS – FIX unread only for ICS – FIX reconfiguration issue – IMPROVE memory usage – IMPROVE automatic widget sizes and enable them (for tablets or large devices) – IMPROVE widget config 1.2.0: – NEW option to enable Javascript support in the internal viewer (required by some websites, but slower) – IMPROVE management of big stories images – IMPROVE internal viewer (better page fit, better performances, progress indicator…) – FIX unread only for ICS 1.1.9: – NEW skin manager with publishing and rates – NEW 5×5 list and scrollable sizes for Galaxy Note or tablets – IMPROVE protection against full storage for image cache – FIX Honeycomb/Ics refresh issue – FIX small internal database, config and info layouts fixes 1.1.8: – NEW fully new internal skin system with lower memory usage – NEW support widget resize !!

– NEW Galaxy Note resolution support – NEW detection of scrollable support of Android 3.x and 4.x, and of Go Launcher Ex 1.1.7: – NEW support of 1024×600 resolution and Ice Cream sandwich / Samsung Galaxy Nexus resolution – FIX multi-account management – IMPROVE automatic Google auth token refresh – IMPROVE connexion error handling 1.1.6: – NEW color picker with hex value – IMPROVE automatic Google auth token refresh 1.1.5: – IMPROVE automatic Google auth token refresh – IMPROVE internal service stability – FIX QEI date issue 1.1.4: – IMPROVE detection of login errors or token expiration – FIX multi-widget with Honey Comb – FIX story opening if no story body 1.1.3: – FIX mark all as read 1.1.2: – FIX login issue with Android 2.1 – FIX invalid feed category listing – FIX feed automatic removal from feeds list – NEW action menu on right story part (if you enable it on the config panel) – NEW can share a story (via email, Twitter, FB, SMS …) – NEW can star a story – NEW add old login style in case of trouble with credential login (use menu key in the config panel) 1.1.0: – FIX feed retrieval if no categories defines 1.0.9: – NEW allow old and new login type (for users who didn’t configure gmail account on their phone) 1.0.8: – NEW phone credential usage for Android 2.0 (avoid using password).

Note : If you have empty scrollable widget, this can be due to a Launcher bug, please read this post ——————————- Install now From Android market :

id=pure_news ——————————- Screenshots ——————————- TODO cf suggestion module ——————————————– Reviews Android Central ——————————- Revisions log nr : not released 1.5.1: – NEW undo mark as read 1.5.0: – FIX issue with HTTPS feeds 1.4.9: – NEW auto export last configuration – FIX Samsung auto widget removal bug – FIX skin manager crash – FIX APK manifest error – FIX crash at initial setup – FIX HTTPS images 1.4.8: – REVERT TO PREVIOUS ANDROID SDK …

The 2.0 release, years in the making, is now available for most 4.0 devices.

We've uploaded the APK as usual, since some users are getting location-based blocks.

If I was a normal person that only used one phone and I was limited to an i Phone, widgets are the biggest thing I'd miss about Android.

To help you find some of the most useful widgets, I've put together my list of the top 15.

The smaller widgets are displayed as images and Calen Goo can display everything in the way it wants it to be displayed. for the day widget to display a graphical representation of the day.

However the larger widgets cannot be displayed as images because the Android system doesn't allow such large images for widgets.

Currently (12/20/2016), it is more than a month behind (11/08/2016 displayed).

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