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' Cupid' An Original UK Comedy WEB SERIES - Episode #101 Feeling ready to be with someone else after a failed relationship, modern man and bachelor, Ben Hunt (Michael James Dean) takes the first step back into the dating game and seeks love online at a matchmaking website; a helping hand reaches out from a surprising place.Hot on the heels of recent action taken by Tumblr to combat spammers, Tumblr users are currently a little bit annoyed by a curious spamrun called “The Twitter IQ Society”.He also says they are working on ways to stop future spamming attacks like this.

Safe among like-minded peers and digital “friends,” we really don’t have to engage with those who can challenge and enhance our limited perspectives.

Tragically, even the church can become a place that minimizes diversity and reinforces isolation. Scott Sauls, pastor and teacher, invites you to see the breadth of Christ’s love in this book, Be Friend.

"I'm not sure that it's something I should do," he confides to his pastor.

"I mean, if I sign up for a dating site and pay a company to help me find my future wife, doesn't it mean I'm not trusting God to do that for me?

In fact, the team at Match so confident that you’ll find love amongst their millions of members that they offer a guarantee: find someone special in 6 months or get 6 more months for free.

To get a feel for how dating on works, new users can sign up for a free account.Most of the time you’ll see an IQ test asking you for mobile phone numbers and subscriptions (.99 to .99 per month for this?I think you failed the test): Click to Enlarge We’ve also been taken to a splash for the Cupid(dot)com dating site and generic i Phone offers." "That's a good question, Bryce," his pastor responds."But nowhere in the Bible does it say, 'Thou shalt not use the Internet to find your spouse.'" "I know," Bryce says with a smile, "but this is such an important part of my life, and it seems that God would want me to trust , not my computer, to find the woman He wants me to marry." "Maybe so," his wise pastor continues, "but maybe God also wants you to use this tool to help you do just that.Only paid members have access to the full range of Match features, but free members can create a profile, conduct searches, post photos, and send winks.

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