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I thought it emblematized everything that's wrong with the world today," said Jonathan Bender, a local theater director who recently seized upon the site as a source of inspiration. "This is a completely new form for performers," he explained."We're so inter-connected, and yet we're so disconnected and lonely that people are feeling the need to masturbate on camera for other people." Masturbation is an indispensable element of Bender's Chat Roulette Show, which he produced under the auspice of his small acting company, Illuminated Theater. "They're performing for a live audience that's watching, as well as for people who don't realize they're part of a show. Do you have a sudden urge to get naked in front of random strangers? When using this random video chat site, you will get to take your clothes off on webcam without ever getting banned.

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This is also recommended in order to protect your privacy while connected.

There are many hide/change ip solutions but, probably the best one, is by connecting to a VPN service.

Startup Side is advertising a one-of-a-kind job opportunity on Mashable's job site: Getting paid to talk to people of the opposite sex on Chatroulette and similar sites like Random Dorm and Face Roulette.

The job pays $10 an hour, in return for which the employee will: That's it!

Bender projects the Chatroulette session on a big screen, so it becomes the centerpiece of each performance. So many, that Bender had to make them a part of the show. " and has a female assistant hold them up every time one appeared on the screen. All were competing for cash prizes ($75 for first place, $25 for second place), awarded to the act that not only could rock a stage at Make-Out Room, but also find favor with the notoriously fickle crowd on Chatroulette. "I'm over the hill being in my thirties," he admitted. During the third round, a pretty teenager took one look at Unwoman, and gave all of us the finger.

For those unfamiliar with the network, it's fairly straightforward: You attach a web cam to your computer, log onto, and have a random conversation with whoever pops up — or flip to see who awaits on the next screen. Most conversations are fleeting, most users noncommittal, since you can ditch the current chat at any point and initiate a new one. He created several hand-written signs with the words "Dick! The show went three rounds: five minutes, three minutes, one and a half minutes, respectively. "Chatroulette is mainly for people in their teens and twenties. It's not something I do at this point." Nonetheless, he got seduced by the brute competitiveness and accelerated nature of the medium. All those improprieties are just the nature of the beast, said Bender. But every once in a while, Chatroulette finds a way to promote brotherly love.

It's entirely free and once you've clicked a button to allow the site to access your webcam, your face appears in one of two boxes.

It doesn't require you to log in or register (despite the fact that the site states it is for over-16s only) and all you need is a computer with a webcam.

Based on this info users who are reported (using the “Complain” button) receive a temporary ban. Based on users reports it could be minutes or hours, but appears to vary greatly.

This is probably due to manual review by moderators that have access to associated logs (images, ip address, location, etc).

This section has you viewing only girls, so you won’t have to accidently run into male genitals on cam.

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