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Tristan grows to be a fierce, courageous warrior whose loyalty to Marke is not that of a knight to his lord, but rather a son to his father.

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(He would later return to UCLA and earn his undergraduate degree.) Working the late shift at Mc Donald's to make ends meet, Franco appeared in his first major role at the age of 19, as Brian on the crime drama series After 15 months of intensive study with noted drama coach Robert Carnegie at the North Hollywood acting school/theater Playhouse West, in 1999, Franco landed his breakthrough role: as heartthrob/bad boy Daniel Desario on the critically acclaimed but short-lived television series that made critics stand up and take notice of the young actor.

His portrayal of the iconic actor earned him the Golden Globe Award for best actor in 2002.

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After the fall of Rome, visionary warlord Marke (Rufus Sewell) seeks to unite the squabbling English tribes to form one strong nationand defeat brutal Irish King Donnchadh.

After a glut of painfully dull films about legends from bygone eras such as movies) has been saved from death, and subsequently raised, by Lord Marke (Rufus Sewell).

The noble Marke wants to wrestle his country into shape and out of the control of the Irish king.

Following success at her A-levels, she had been planning to study philosophy at Cambridge, but chose to pursue an acting career after being spotted by Julian Fellowes in a school play.

Since 1996, Myles has appeared in a number of films and television productions.

But when Lord Marke’s greatest and most loyal knight, Tristan (James Franco), falls in love with Isolde (Sophia Myles), a beautiful Irish woman, it threatens to destroy the fragile truce and ignite a war.

In the spirit of Braveheart and A Knight’s Tale, TRISTAN ISOLDE is a rousing tale of trust and treachery that will leave you breathless!

It's difficult to say much more without giving key plot details away.

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