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In Denver, Colorado, Kelly played lead roles in several theatrical productions, including: Kelly was born in San Diego and raised in Boulder, Colorado. In several interviews, Kelly thanks her family for supporting her career (including her lesbian-themed films).

It was like “square peg/round hole.” So, with my then-husband, I founded a film collective—we created an independent film community, based on collaboration and mutual support. Working on-camera, in very personal types of filmmaking. In its visual style, it contains all of film’s elements, but it’s done in person, on stage. JE: You’ll be doing a one-woman/two-ghost show in March, 2012 in Europe.

Those values are strong here in Buffalo, and not pervasive in L. “we are not afraid of the dark” is co-conceived by Tine Van Aerschot, a Dutch woman, and the late Tracy Wright, based on conversations Van Aerschot had with Wright (1959-2010), a Canadian actress, as she was dying. DG: I love Tine’s work—it’s a unique personal take on the world; quirky but simple and unadorned.

She co-founded the LA Cafe Plays series at the Ruskin Group Theater, where writers, actors and directors start creating a play at 9 a.m. Kelly's Loving Annabelle cohorts Katherine Brooks and Jake Newton have performed with the series.

Also with the Ruskin Group Theater, Kelly has appeared in The Vagina Monologues and Picasso at the Lapin Agile.

She holds a BFA from New York University (1986) and a Masters in Psychology from the University of Santa Monica (1994).

Gaidry, in her mid-40s, acts professionally, as well as runs her business, Verite Life Coaching (Although Hanks’ Josh Baskin character is physically in an adult male body for most of the film let’s not forget that he’s just a 12-year-old boy wooing the 30-something New York businesswoman Susan. Punky Starshine: I don’t approve of real-life teacher/student relationships, especially underaged ones, but I really liked the dynamic in, because the roles were reversed.When Josh touched Susan’s boob for the first time I remember screaming (probably because I was jealous), “Oh my god, you’re just a boy! Annabelle was the one doing the teaching, even though Simone was the older one, and a teacher by profession.(I also like to pretend it’s a college boarding school when I watch so I don’t feel creepy.Which I think is fine because Erin Kelly was 24 when they filmed it.)Dara Nai: As much as some people loathe the fictional or IRL teacher-student thing, I don’t mind it so much when the student looks like Erin Kelly and the teacher is Diane Gaidry in because the tension between them is so hot.As Aaliyah once sang, “Age ain’t nothin but a number.” Unfortunately, she was 13 and married to R.

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