rod altman dating - Depression in rural communities validating the ces d scale

JAMAJAMA Cardiology JAMA Dermatology JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery JAMA Internal Medicine JAMA Neurology JAMA Oncology JAMA Ophthalmology JAMA Otolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery JAMA Pediatrics JAMA Psychiatry JAMA Surgery Archives of Neurology & Psychiatry (1919-1959) Pratt LAFord DECrum RMArmenian HKGallo JJEaton WW Depression, psychotropic medication, and risk of myocardial infarction: prospective data from the Baltimore ECA follow-up.

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We want to thank Professor Charles Timberlake, Department of History, University of Missouri for assistance with Russian language literature pertinent to understanding the Russian villages.

Depression has been proposed as a predisposing factor for cancer, but prospective studies have been inconclusive.

Dr Boyd is now an Epidemiology Fellow at the Center for Epidemiologie Studies, Division of Biometry and Epidemiology, National Institute of Mental Health, Rockville, Md.

• Discrepancies between the symptoms of depression, as found in a self-report questionnaire (Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression Scale [CES-D]), and the diagnosis of major depression as made by the Research Diagnostic Criteria (RDC) occurred in a community survey.

Currently, Japan has one of the highest suicide rates among developed countries, making suicide an important national problem.

Health problems are regarded as the cause of the majority of the reported suicides in Japan [1].

Chronically depressed mood was defined as present when the number of depressive symptoms exceeded specific cut points on the Center for Epidemiologic Studies-Depression scale at baseline (1988) and 3 and 6 years before baseline.

New cases of cancerwere identified from Medicare hospitalization records and death certificates.

The results of the analyses suggest that the CES-D Scale is acceptable and reliable in all the groups studied.

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