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Her Presents to You/Comedian Loni Love/Speed Dating with Tionna Smalls/Quick & Easy Asian Dishes with Chef Hung Huynh/Rick Springfield Performs 'Jesse's Girl' (2013) ...

And I'd just gotten friggin' Hard To Hold and I said, "I don't need to be a part of an ensemble, I'm going to be a star in my own movie," and it was one of the stupidest fucking decisions I ever made.

Out of Focus can be averted, or compensated for, by using Rotating Arcs or by the creator reassuring the fans that Captain Superhero hasn't died and will be back as soon as he's relevant to the story.

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If we've left someone important out, please let us know in the comments below!

Also, this slideshow has many spoilers if you haven't caught up with "Degrassi," so peruse at your own risk!

Alternatively, they may be Put on a Bus or Killed Off for Real when the creator decides (s)he has no further use for them.

If they return after the nature of the story has changed in their absence — for example, the plot has come down with a nasty case of Cerebus Syndrome — and they don't seem to fit in with the tone any more, they may become The Artifact.

They take center stage, right wrongs, find stuff out, do a bit of rescuing and learn all about themselves in the process. While someone's hogging the limelight, other members of the cast are going to see a serious decrease in airtime. It's easy to see why — when you've got a cast of twenty characters and only four panels available, it's obvious that someone's going to lose out.

Which is all well and good for those characters and their fans... Come to think of it, we haven't seen Bert in three months. Particularly luckless characters may vanish for extended periods of time without any particular explanation, only to be brought back as if nothing's happened. If a character isn't central to the plot, with such limited space (and usually, time) available, it's probably a waste of time putting them in at all.

A big thank you to the Degrassi Wiki for helping us fill in the blanks.

The spotlight shines brightly on one particular character, or on a select group of a particularly large cast.

When a sequel or adaptation shoves characters out of focus and removes their plot importance, it's Demoted to Extra.

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