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So that was kinda strike #1 in that it turned me off.

Yes, I’ve dated guys in the past that have lit-up, hell Klein even shot-gunned me, but that was after the pleasantries, well into our “relationship” in the privacy of our home.

At one point, I lived with five other girls in a two bedroom apartment - unorthodox environments I've encountered. C., the most I ever spent for rent in college was $450 for a 3 bedroom townhouse.

It's so expensive here that people resort to all sorts of creative living situations.

The shakes have subsided, and I can actually sleep throughout the night.

Today makes day 27 of no vodka, no wine, beer, or other adult beverages.

Where she held awkward personal calls with a guy she was breaking up with. After she left, we never got living room furniture and I just went straight to my room each day, avoiding the other girl and the boyfriend. Which is when I moved into another 2-bedroom with 2 other people, including our Couch Dweller. )I now live in a different place and things have been fairly normal for several years.

Who informed us that if we scared him by coming into the living room unannounced, he might vomit out of fear. Except when I find things near the dumpster like this.

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