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By mid-1997 were deemed responsible for more than 60 unsolved murders in the city.

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I am attached to Davao since 2001(for serious reason), It WAS a nice place to be, not anymore thanks to idiots foreigners( lonely loosers and perverts) and technology(smartphones,internet,watsapp,skype). As a family with 2 children living in a western style apartment building that we own, some of the expenses we have are: 1) Davao Light (electricity) PHP5,000/month 2) Condo fees PHP 2,700/month 3) Average of real estate taxes PHP 5,000/year 4) PLDT ADSL 8Mbps: 3,800/month 5) Paulaner in SM: PHP120/bottle, restaurant PHP140-180/bottle 6) Hoegaarden in SM: PHP100/bottle 7) 100Gr Jamon Serano (from Deli Swish): - PHP350/100Gram 8) Weekly groceries at least PHP8,000 I estimate to live there full time, we'd need US$3,000/month to have a good living western style. They use much more water) Food (2 adults 1 2yr old and 1 expecting) 8000-10000 (includes lots of beer and snacks). And yes a good place to retire and remarried when you find the right decent, simple and contented woman. And don't use too much money on shopping and everything for her.

Philippinos are still great, if you think otherwise you need to visit more places around the world. That 100 square for 17 million pesos are at places were only extreme rich can go. Stop complaining, enjoy what you got, smile and keep walking. :) Living 3 months on and 9 months off in Davao now for the last 8 years. Water 250-400 (depends on if you have a helper or not. My advice, don't attempt to do this with less than 500USD. Be sure to reach out to other foreigners if you can. Salamat din Joe, Davao City is a lovely City to live in.

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Jeden Tag treten tausende von Menschen Ashley Madison bei, um diskrete Beziehungen aller Art zu finden.According to Lascanas, the squad was ordered to bomb mosques in Davao in retaliation for the San Pedro Cathedral bombing.DDS was conceptualized by former INP Regional Commander Dionisio Tan-Gatue Jr. You could do that if you were born and raised here and knew nothing better. I have a heart condition and diabetes something I was not expecting to have when I came my medicine cistern me 7796 pesos every ten days or about 61 dollars. Presently we are experiencing 12 hours a day no water and 5 hours a day no electricity. I run one air condition all the time on 80 degrees and it cost 0 per month. I came here for a decent lifestyle not to live in poverty I could have done that in the USA Hello all I am retired and get a little pension about 750 euro per month , I am living in thailand (khon kaen) but I am thinking move to philipines cause ...( here nobody can speak english ) You think my pension is enough for live in davao ? After I worked abroad, I decided to buy a property to live with. So Far, i have 3 siblings already acquired properties in Davao City. i think it would be great to live in such a peaceful and safe city. (careful they will try to take you for 4000-8000 if you let them). I could not live here in 0 or &1000 it 00 a month. Men come here thinking health will always be perfect and there will neve be any surprise expenses think again. I will Love Davao and I will be happy if I can get all my relatives and live in Davao City. is that data up-to-date because i'm planning to look for a house in Davao at if the above data is the Cost of living allowance there. I think you need to get far away in Siberia to get what you want. People start to get better homes and a better life. With money comes better eating, better healt, better education, better life. All the city has been regulated by the City Government. I've been planning to settle in Davao since its much safer, more job opportunities and closer to my love ones. Elec 2500-3000 ( 1/2hr a/c running about 12-19hrs a day) Internet PLDT 2.5MBPS fiber 2100. If we got out more and frequent higher priced eateries, we can spend another 1500 a month. Best Wishes to all who make the choice to make Davao home. Having lived in Thailand and Ormoc City previously I am happy to visit first before agreeing to contract.

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