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Recently my friend Marc asked me if I ever feel anxious on dates.“Never.” I said. But he was worth million and gorgeous so I deserve a pass on that.”On one hand, I wouldn’t say I was nervous about my date on Thursday.Yet the following nonsense transpired: After a few weeks of online flirting (I was on vacation), we agreed to meet at a gastropub near my home. If anyone ever gathered all of Leonardo Di Caprio's exes in one room, it would like look like a swimsuit model convention.

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Luckily for her, Gisele and Bar have since retired from modeling sparkly, diamond-encrusted bras, or else that would be one awkward dressing room at the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show!

Leonardo Di Caprio Moves On From Blake Lively With A New Model According to the , Erin recently flew to Syndney where Leo is working, and is expected to return with him to New York.

Tune out now if you don’t believe in the metaphysical, but I have a nearly psychic sense about men’s online dating profiles.

Very rarely am I surprised by what I find or how the evening transpires.

So I now hang out with him and his friends they all know me. Your profile says you are saved and Jesus is your life.

They refer to me as his girl, his woman, his girlfriend, right in front of him he never corrects them never changes what they say. Only note this since most women I know who make a point of saying they are saved and a Christian arent into re-marital sex.~Beth~I disagree with Zen Beth.

Nico’s accepting the fact he’s going to be staying in on a saturday night watching Supernatural when Leo bursts through the door, carrying an armful of junk food with a whole stack of shitty horror movies as if he owns the place. Percy laughed at him.“Someone’s not getting the D tonight.” Nico flipped Percy off as he hurried to catch up with Leo before the boy tried to drive off without him. Nico is like a hundred percent done with Leo’s shit, he’s been moping around in his room for days and hasn’t come out for anything. “You suck at this.” “I’m trying.” “I know,” He offered a tired smile before scooting closer and resting his head on Nico’s shoulder. ” “Yeah.” “Nice.” Within a few minutes Leo’s entire body sags, his snoring filling the room.

(Wrong, Nico owns the place.) Rest in peace calm saturday night. “Prove it.” He marches right over to Nico, yanks him by the wrist, and ignoring his protests Leo drags him back to the girl. “He’s your boyfriend.” And sashays away off in the distance to find some other weak soul to seduce. Nico gets it, sometimes you need space to sort and get your shit together, but Leo’s not even doing that much. “Try me.” “I asked Khione out.” Nico stiffened and ignores the bile lurching in his stomach, Leo doesn’t need this right now, he needs a supportive friend. Nico carefully maneuvers Leo back on his bed, stifling his own yawn, he climbs into bed as well, and observed him for a few minutes.

So after a shower in which I groomed all the necessary bits (actually remembering to attend to the soul patch that sprouts on my big toes), applied extra eyeliner and a giant squirt of Narcisco Rodriguiz perfume, I downgraded from the size 4 skinny jeans that rob 15 lbs from my silhouette to the size 6 bootcut denim because the smaller pants are too tight to roll over my knees for the impending pedicure.

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