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Texting in acronyms has replaced the thoughtful handwritten letter; video gaming passes for real interaction; and dirty dancing has taken center stage. Picking up a girl at home and then awkwardly waiting with her parents for her grand entrance has been replaced with hooking up with a girl just about anytime, anywhere. The setting was a perfectly clear night at the majestic Jefferson Memorial, and the ring he gently slid on her finger was one he had worked long hours to buy and pay for in cash (no credit card debt here.)And all of this was carefully planned: He had flown from Davidson College in North Carolina where he is a student to Arlington a few weeks earlier to ask Kristin’s father for her hand in marriage.

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There is a lot to be desired about the days of old when a young gentleman got down on one knee and asked a blushing young lady to be his bride.

This show is so damn good, one might think "Leaving a promising career in NY for THAT? " but that's the point of it: to show how sometimes happiness means having emotional stability and inner peace before a six digit salary or a promotion (just like Rebecca's case), and the balance between fluffy comedy and strong, emotional drama is well achieved. I'm SO HAPPY you're doing this, Nathaniel!!

And Valencia just gets better in the upcoming episodes Love, love, love, this show! IMPORTANT QUESTION: What is everyone's favorite song?

Hadn't seen any of The CW's previous shows and was kind of hesitant at first, but got smitten by the show after the first episode like Greg did with Rebecca. I mean, within each episode, it's usually pretty easy, but I am barely able to choose between West Covina and Feeling Kinda Naughty!

If you aren't you are missing out on the most creative, well-thought-out seasons of television in recent memory.As a nation, we’ve been making more of an effort to open up the conversation regarding sexual assault. But more and more people are feeling comfortable sharing their stories, and that’s a step in the right direction.One person who was inspired to share his story was the man behind the Twitter account, @Angry Blk Man.Jonathan Allen, drafted in the first round of the 2017 NFL draft, shares his thoughts on what it takes to be successful in the National Football League.Plus, Gemma Kaneko and Dani Wexelman trend or trash Russell Westbrook's MVP status, Marshawn Lynch's resurgence, and Chris Coghlan's superhero leap.It’s a sad affair to witness what now often passes as dating.

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