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Update, 29 april 2008: zie ook het bericht Hyves pest gebruikers met privé-profielen. Is Hyves langzaam, zo traag als poep door een trechter?

Wilt u zich afmelden van Hyves, uw lidmaatschap beëindigen, omdat Hyves het niet doet?

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The healing power of dance makes me shiny and new every week so I can take on life battles.

Thank you Sabrina for the dance and Tristan for the video.

The like button is a feature of social networking service Facebook, where users can like content such as status updates, comments, photos, links shared by friends, and advertisements. The button also displays the number of users that liked each piece of content, and may show a full or partial list of those users.

This feature may appear differently on mobile web applications.

Voor stabiliteit moet je kiezen, daarvoor moet je betalen; Hyves is het stadium voorbij waarin het zich kan permitteren er om de haverklap uit te liggen.

Als maar een klein deel van de bezoekers die mijn blog bezoeken omdat Hyves eruit ligt goed van zich laat horen, dan worden ze misschien eens wakker op Hyves headquarters!

And also, the logo has changed from the Chinese word "xiaonei" to the Chinese word "renren"("ren", meaning "people" or "person", and "everyone" when used twice in a row).

This name change from 'inside the school' (Xiaonei 校内) to 'everybody' (renren 人人) reflected the expansion aspirations held by Oak Pacific - to be more than a network dedicated to students, but instead be the biggest Chinese social network website.[9] In April 2011, the company filed with the SEC to raise 4 million in a US IPO,[5] offering Renren stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

When loading a web page which has the Like button enabled, the user's browser connects to Facebook's servers, which record the URL being visited, and the visitor's IP address and Facebook ID (if logged in).

In June 2010 Facebook said it anonymizes this information after three months, and does not sell or otherwise share that information.

It is a plugin with great potential but I think it is more thought for developers and for those who have a little more wordpress experience and not for beginners or people who just want to have less complicated things, I was about to buy the Version of premium kit but after reviewing and working a bit on the plugin I was a bit disappointed by what I said before.

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