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Posted: , Author: Ogejus Her business card read, "Mary Springer-Outfitter of the Stars-Buyer of Clothing for Hollywood Movies.". In 1930, she made a bet with her husband that she could design a necktie more interesting than the bland ones he and his business associates wore every day. Approximations, not absolutes While all the clues you gather from appearance can be very helpful, they're not always precise.

They even had designer ties by Salvador Dali, Don Loper, Countess Mara and Tina Leser. Louis XIV adopted the decorative silk scarf in 1636 from a group of Croatian mercenaries visiting the royal palace and thus the word "cravat" is derived from "Croat." Cowboys wore thin black ties with four-in-hand horse carriage rein knots. Whitman died two years later, leaving behind a wealthy but grief-stricken widow. Here are several sites that can help you put your aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents on the right branches of your family tree. "They still make ties like this today, but, see how the golfers look more like Arnold Palmer than Tiger Woods. In fact, styles of clothing and accessories - as well as hairstyles and makeup - can be used to help you assign a decade or even a specific year to your family's vintage photographs, which can be invaluable to your genealogy research!

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While shades have existed in some form since the 1300s, it wasn't until the 1930s that the sunglasses craze took hold, as more and more Americans and Europeans went on beach vacations.

Sure, you could stuff a pocket square in your suit jacket.

Bracelets, lapel pins, and cuff links are also good options for personalizing a look, but a neck tie is going to be the most impactful addition you can make.

These are sure to get you through any occasion where a tie should be worn.

The office, your cousin’s wedding, a swanky nightclub – we’ve got you covered.

Zippy medium-width Forties Era ties were laid over tall leaning racks of Big Band record covers. Shopping for Vintage Motorcycle ties is easy on Zazzle.

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