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The building of monumental cathedrals in the middle ages was a reflection of faith and the channel for much of the creative energy of medieval European society.

Although cathedral building was driven by religious figures or institutions, it was often a community effort.

The find was reported to the museum in Schleswig; despite intensive searching by the brothers and others, no more of the body has been found.

As cathedrals took decades, and often even centuries to complete, few people who worked on them expected to see them finished during their lifetimes.

Being involved in the construction of a cathedral, even as the building patron, required a willingness to be part of a process that was larger than oneself.

TAX WARS What happened when Congress passed the first tax in 45 years even tho no one knew how to write a tax law, or enforce one?

Government agents were required to find 1,000 tiny cigar factories scattered over a dozen states..horseback..winter.

From the mid-twelfth century, the Church started granting indulgences (forgiveness of sins) to those who would help to build a church or cathedral, and therefore, rather than going on crusades, which had been a popular means of absolving sins in the late eleventh century, people dedicated more effort to the construction of houses of God instead.

There was always a faction among the pious that disapproved of excessive spending on the construction and decoration of lavish religious buildings, but these were a minority, and the dominant feeling was one of great enthusiasm, ambition, and a desire to excel in this quest to construct magnificent buildings reflecting God's glory.

It also highlights so-called non-disparagement clauses — provisions that increasingly cropped up in consumer contracts in recent years that forbid people from saying bad things about a company, including on review sites such as Yelp."Companies that try to include these clauses in their terms are predicting that their customers will be unhappy and will bad-mouth their services,” said Emily Rusch, executive director of the California Public Interest Research Group.

“They should instead focus on making sure consumers are satisfied with their services."As of this week, Master Matchmakers had such a clause in its terms of service, leaving Levine with the impression that he could be targeted with a lawsuit for breach of contract.“It’s been very stressful,” he told me. But I feel like if I let them push me around, they’ll just get away with doing it to others.”Ward, for his part, countered that “if we caved every time someone threatened to bad-mouth our business, we wouldn’t be in business.” Arlene Howard’s phone bill said she made a bunch of calls to Cuba, which she didn’t.

Relics of important saints were an important source of prestige but also of income.

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