Dating sims for ipod touch

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“Marry me, and I'll cover that 50 million.”Free Otome Game / Love simulation dating game for girls!

[Story]Your once ordinary life is turned upside-down when your father's business suddenly goes bankrupt. You're determined to help him in any way you can, but how?! We're not friends.""Where's my kiss to seal the deal? "Just how dangerous will being married to a celeb get?!

Compose a symphony of drama, romance and handsome boys in this Best Otome story.

Enjoy and make your decisions in this FREE dating sim episode game!

The japanese famous love game "Office Lover" comes up ! Taking place in the office, yield to the temptation with three playboy bosses : a hot cold character, a prince and a narcissist.

Enjoy this visual novel game like a shojo manga or a romantic comic. ""If that's the case, then I'll teach you a thing or two."Working as a secretary in the glamorous fashion industry...…what I waited for two years was...…the sweet seduction of my famous and hot playboy bosses. Also featuring a tempting lawyer and enticing doctor. This tricky game of love starts with marriage, and ends wherever your wiles take you! ]More than 780,000 people have played Naughty Contract Marriage, the ultimate free love simulation game that starts with marriage.Play out various otome game scenarios with the dreamy sorts of guys from shoujo manga and romance novels! Where will your love life lead you, now that you're stuck with a contract marriage?!But instead of building a case or solving puzzles, the player advances the story by clearing fitness goals, such as performing 50 sit-ups in three minutes.======================================What else is in it?======================================• Training Mode: It’s important to train regularly if you want to be able to clear some of the more difficult trials. We call it moévation.======================================BYFWM 3rd Year Anniversary Special Update! ======================================At its core, “Burn your fat with me!!

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