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It means that she liked you enough to spend more time with you and get to know you better.

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The first date was at a coffee shop and we sat and talked for hours. It's been forever since I've dated and I'm just unsure of what to think... I know I pissed a few girls off in my day by not touching or kissing, now, fk'it.

At the end of the date he said he had a good time and he'd call to get together again soon. I'm at least going to kiss you, and probably run my hand down the front of your neck and shirt after I let go of your cheek. I am as well: I waited until the third date to kiss my girlfriend.

Your NOT having sex you are offering up a solid good night kiss.2) You need to be giving off subtle signs if you are attracted to the guy. I throw myself on them and pin them down so they can't get away. I don't think its wrong on a first date, as long as you feel comfortable with it. In fact I read a number of posts where we (Man club) are encouraged to make that move if the cues are there. But if it is a guy you really really like, tell him in words why you think he is special and why you want to wait. One thing you could do is plan a place for the first kiss. Or what makes y0u at ease; but once you start kissing know where the motel 8 is. If you don't want to kiss me by the end of the first real date, then I am not going to ask for another date.

Most are not mind readers and are often unsure if they should move in for that kiss. If they throw me off and run I know they don't like me. I don't want to waste any time on some guy who's not gonna put out. Here's the thing, with me anyway, if we are attracted to each other I'm sure a full kiss on the lips after I walk you to your car would send us both home satisfied. Doing so would fall under the heading of "Beating your head against a brick wall."^^what is this crap?! He let me make all the moves and he sure was, oh so, grateful I did.

Have you ever gone on a first date and have it go great only to have the second date be a disaster?

Or maybe it just wasn’t as good as you wanted it to be. Most importantly, how do you make sure that your second date goes swimmingly?

There’s no debating that a lot of times the second date can be harder than the first. Step One: Relax Before you do anything else, you need to relax.

If she’s going on a second date with you, that means that she had a good time on the first date.

Picture a near-perfect date, the conversation has been flowing, the chemistry is electric and so naturally, you want to end the evening on a high and give your date a good night kiss.

But then you start to second guess yourself, wondering if you’ve read the signals right, or if you’re going to get a swift rejection of your advances.

Cowboy There wouldn't be a second date unless that kissing and cuddling was happening on the first date. But on the other side of that, a "buddy hug" would send a completely different stimuli, thoughts? I recall a certain persistent fella who "chased" me for a year... For 3 years he was happily grateful Just do what feels right to you OPMost men, if they have any romantic feelings toward a lady, like to be kissed.

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