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I swear - if I were the brand manager for this account, I would have looked DDB straight in the eye, and said "Are you f-ing kidding me? " And why should people care that there's 25% less sodium?

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In addition to working as an appraiser with Antiques Roadshow, Gary regularly performs stand-up comedy and records with his current musical ensemble, Mindjammer. But if you stick around long enough, I'm sure somebody is going to say I bought it at a thrift store. Therefore, they're willing to let it go as a donation to somebody, and the difference between the donor and the buyer at the thrift store is that person oftentimes is an expert or has knowledge, not necessarily just a person who wants something decorative.

As a lecturer, Gary speaks at historical societies, schools, libraries, corporations, antiques shows, appraisal and other special events on a variety subjects related to memorabilia and collecting. Com caught up with Gary Sohmers on the set of Antiques Roadshow, he was as captivating as ever and readily agreed to answer our questions about thrift shopping. Are you now or have you ever been a thrift shopper? So you're going to find that the people that come in here looking for values to resell are often the ones that bought them at thrift stores. What's your opinion about the painting Teri Horton found in a thrift store that might be a real Jackson Pollock? I saw the story about it, and that was interesting.

SAN ANTONIO—Shuddering as he recalled the details of the traumatic encounter, local man Christopher Gao told reporters Thursday that he walked in on one of his roommates having his way with his leftovers in the kitchen.

This Saturday marks 90 years since aviator Charles Lindbergh made his historic first nonstop solo transatlantic flight from New York to Paris aboard the Spirit Of St. The Onion takes a look back at the most important milestones in the history of aviation.

I’ve been able to sell and enjoy much of what I’ve purchased. And this is exactly what happened with reader Kevin last week.

I’ve found lots or random Dansk, Heath, Krenit, many other vintage pieces, and a guitar amp.

They're here to find the value to resell, not to insure. So you don't usually ask people where they got things? I do if it's going to go to TV maybe, but in general, no, it's not something I ask. But again, that's an expert seeing something and identifying it, even if it's not signed, identifying the style, the era, the demand, and that's the expert level in the collectibles field.

They volunteer the information, but I don't register it in the back of my head because it's hard for me to remember which one was a family artifact and which one was an e Bay find. It's what separates average e Bayers from successful hustlers. If somebody says it's not good, then you can't battle it. Read more about Gary Sohmers on his website: All Collectors.

Just arguing that salt (sodium) is no longer wanted is such a weak argument for a weak concept. Nothing save for being able to mass produce cute little salt shakers (which btw would be counterproductive seeing as they reduced salt).

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