Camschat - Dating pregnancy after miscarriage

Those who conceived within six months after a miscarriage were 44 per cent less likely to have a second one than those who had an interval of six to 12 months before falling pregnant again.

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The other day, I received an email from an online registry, congratulating me on my baby's impending birth and reminding me to shop for any last-minute items.

It's true, I'm supposed to have a daughter this month — but I won't, because her heart stopped beating at 16 weeks.

My fingers are crossed for you all x Miscarried in January (8wks), conceived after one period, mc'd again in March on Mother's Day (6wks), conceived again without a period, just 4wks now.

Wishing you the best of luck conceiving and through your next pregnancy x Girls thanks for your replies, god Jane & synnora you have both suffered alot - delighted you have your little man now Jane & best of luck synnora in your pregnancy!

For those wo haven't heard my story - I had a mc back in November at 7 weeks and have been trying since. Have been doing deed around ovulation (calculated by cm and ovulation calendars).

Firstly so sorry for anyone who has suffered a recent miscarriage - you are in my thoughts!Nor will having other healthy children at home -- though people might assume that this can help diminish your grief.If you've experienced an early miscarriage (the most common type), during your next pregnancy you might be worried until you've reached the point at which things went wrong the last time.From reading these forums you get alot of hope but also learn that fertility can change!I know they say miscarriage is so common but I find it very scary that so many women experience multiple miscarriages!You might do this in order to protect yourself, hoping to lessen your grief if you miscarry again.

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