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One of the main components of the residency application package is the Letter of Recommendation. In orthopedics, programs require at least three, with one being from the Department Chair of your home program. Other letters, besides the Chair’s letter, are accrued from other faculty and from the rotations at other programs. Most likely it will be the person you spend the most time with, or the person who is most valued by other people. love letters, they're giving them too: 81% of those in the survey said that they believe love letters to be a vital part of a happy relationship, with 77% of men and a whopping 85% of women stating that they've written some form of love letter in the past. They're the perfect addition to any Valentine's Day celebrations. It might be time to join the busy ranks of Kiwi letter writers.

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His Facebook has many photos with her, and even says they are still together.

Her profile, on the other hand, doesn't have any mention of him at all.

I have been talking to this guy for more than a week, and I found out that he is on a "break" from his girlfriend.

My friend and I did some digging around on Facebook and found out that he seems to be very hung up on her.

You know you should try to catch her alone, preferably in a private place, and with no other potential suitors around (though be careful not to come across as creepy! This will lighten the pressure to say yes, because it’s important to give her an out. A conversation with a coworker has just ended, and she is collecting her things to leave. Just as you are about to open your mouth, another person speaks up from across the room. But your heart is pounding so loudly in your ears you can barely hear when she’s done talking.

Should I save it until the last day I’m going to see her for awhile? ” You finally decide the day you’re going to ask, and as the time approaches, you watch for opportunities. You grab a nearby chart and act as if you are brushing up on a history. You know what you look like saying it because you’ve practiced it in the bathroom mirror.

Honesty is far more valued: nearly four in five people (77%) say that honesty is the most important thing to try for; followed by 8% who think it's vulnerability.

The medium matters when writing to your beloved: 60% of New Zealanders say that handwritten, paper letters are the most romantic.

We have been talking a lot and hung out this past Saturday all day.

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