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Well, ladies, here is some information about why masturbation may be good not only for you, but also for your relationships. While masturbating, do we fantasize about being dominated or being watched?These are clues which help us understand what makes us tick, and in turn, we can begin to understand how to get our needs met by a partner.

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“There was a big split in the Kingsmen,” said Donald C.

Davis, a former biker gang member who writes “The Aging Rebel,” a national blog popular with bikers.

NEW YORK -- On a Sunday morning in late May, Taylor left her Harlem apartment and boarded a train for Greenwich, Conn.

She planned on spending the day with a man she had met online, but not in person.

When it comes to masturbation, women are different.

A significantly larger portion of women either don't masturbate or deny it. When we masturbate, we get to know our bodies and our minds. Mentally, we can tune in to our fantasies to understand the types of things that turn us on.

Individuals who are having issues with arousal or orgasm can benefit greatly from masturbation and self love, getting to know your body techniques.

Ladies, if you are having trouble masturbating, I also suggest experimenting with some toys.

It's too bad that our society encourages shame and guilt about masturbation.

However, despite the hush-hush attitude most of us have adopted about the subject, most men do masturbate and will acknowledge it openly amongst their male peers (and feel sexy).

While he summered on Martha's Vineyard, she'd likely pass another July and August working retail in Times Square. ("Taylor" is the pseudonym she uses with men she meets online.

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