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Moscovy became independent of the Golden Horde around 1480, and by building and expanding their central power, the Moscovite princes soon became the dominant rulers in the region.

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The declaration you may find here (in english) and here (in german).

The latest monitoring reports of GOLOS you may find here.

ON Energy Research Center, RWTH Aachen University • Wuppertal Institute, Wuppertal • University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt, Institute of Wastewater Technology • Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering and Organisation (IAO), Stuttgart • Siemens AG, Munich Science Lecture in Taipei, Taiwan Am 24.

März 2016 wird Ulf Schlichtmann, Professor für Entwurfsautomatisierung an der TU München, in den Räumen des Deutschen Institut Taipei zum Thema „Addressing IC and System Robustness: Cross-Layer Approaches and Virtual Prototyping“ sprechen.

Advisor: Maurits van den Boogert Number of titles: 263 Languages used: Western languages, German, French, English E-ISBN: 978 90 04 19282 9 More information on Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 4: The End of the Empires, 1857-1914 During the seventeenth, eighteenth, and nineteenth centuries, the balance of power between Russia and the Ottoman Empire was constantly monitored in Western Europe, where several powers had designs of their own on some of the Ottoman territories.

In Germany and France, in particular, all kinds of accounts, opinions, and plans were published that were influenced by, or aimed to influence, Russian-Ottoman relations.

Arkadi Lubarev, GOLOS and Masha Lipman, Carnegie Centre will present the main findings of the election observation and discuss political perspectives during a lunch debate with the Heinrich Boell foundation in Brussels on December 7th at 12.30. A presentation of the outcomes of the Duma Elections through Lubarev and Lipman will be held in the European Parliament on 7th December at 16.00. On 8th December there will be held a public discussion on the elections at the Lew Kopelew Forum in Koeln. Berlin, 3rd December 2011: European Exchange is extremely concerned about the increasing pressure on our partner organization GOLOS.

The EU Russia Civil Society Forum which was hold 1 and 2nd December 2011 in Warsaw and where both GOLOS and European Exchange hold membership has expressed its protest against the restrictions of the work of GOLOS and calls on the Russian administration to fully guarantee the independent monitoring of the upcoming Parliamentary elections through GOLOS.

Russian-Ottoman Relations Online, Part 4: The End of the Empires, 1857-1914The material in the final part of this series is again highly diverse.

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