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though I'm not really looking to date right now anyway--gotta get the divorce out of the way.

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As more guys like Jason glom on to starting dating groups on, those groups will do to OLD what OLD did to outfits like Great Expectorations.

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In other words a crackdown on pimps who work through

I 100% believe that story, though I'm still mad they'd throw out all the legitimate groups with a careless broad strokes measure just to crack down on some criminals.

But after going to several and listening to the conversation, I've come to the conclusion that it has all the same pitfalls as meeting someone at work or church or other "closed" societies--that is, you go in and meet a circle of friends and then you meet someone you want to date, but maybe he's been dating so-and-so and it's on its way out, but she's not happy about that.

Or a lady was telling about her so called date who asked her to keep the relationship secret b/c the group was too gossipy, but then she found out that he was really pursuing someone else and was just using her for someone to date while he was actually wanting the other lady.

Just join one or more of the hundreds of groups in your area that catch your interest and you are on your way to making new connections.

It is free to join a group, but some group organizers may charge a small fee to attend an event.

It's nothing like OLD, where a guy can "stuff" a site with stolen female photos and made-up profiles. (For whatever reason, we seem to think nondrinkers don't get lonesome.) But wait, there's more good news than bad...

most of the singles & dating groups on are alcohol-centered, so if you don't drink then you're pretty much s*** out of luck.

OTOH up until then I'd been going to a local singles meetup group which meets in nightclubs...

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