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When they go to the movies or to a restaurant, etc., should my son pay for his girlfriend, or does she pay for herself?

Well If I were you I would teach him to treat all girls with respect.

My opinion -- the boy should pay, open car doors, pull out chairs, all the old-fashioned, traditional stuff. (This is the opposite of my initial opinion from when I began this marriage/childrearing thing, 20 years ago.) The reason, IMO, that he should do this, is that if he learns to treat a female well, he will have a long, happy, healthy marriage someday.

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That says a lot about your character, and my guess is you will be a great date. This means treating her politely and not doing anything to make her feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

First dates can be intimidating to both you and her. Things like opening her door and offering to pay are nice gestures that will make her feel special and make you look classy.

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And he should still open doors for her, walk her to her door etc.

I know times are different and keep changing but I am only 28 and I still remember boys doing this stuff for me back when I was a teen so I know this isn't way out of the ordinary.

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This is all new to me, and I would appreciate any advice about the etiquette of teen dating.

I have all younger siblings so I have no one to ask what I should or shouldn’t do on the date.

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