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Whitney Call is a writer and performer for Studio C.

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Roman goes to Niko for support, but when Niko reveals that he had suspicions of the affair, it only makes Roman feel more upset and betrayed.

Feeling bad about not informing Roman or doing more to stop the affair, Niko decides that it's time to deal with Vlad once and for all, and the cousins head to the Comrades Bar to put a final end to both Vlad and the affair.

Besides writing and performing sketch comedy he enjoys sports and the outdoors.

He has a mild obsession with Batman and if you want to get on his good side fast, tell him he looks like Heath Ledger and he will love you forever.

In her spare time, Whitney saves money to buy a teacup pig, plays volleyball, and writes fan mail to Carol Burnett hoping someday she will respond (hopefully sooner than later as Ms. Matt is probably best known for his work with Divine Comedy, BYU’s premiere sketch comedy troupe.

It was there that he met fellow Studio C cast members Jason Gray, Mallory Everton, and Whitney Call.

From 2008-2012, Whitney wrote and performed in BYU’s premiere sketch comedy troupe Divine Comedy, thus commencing her obsession with all things comedic.

Whitney hails from Portland, Oregon, and as such, she loves music, art, rain, and Tillamook ice cream.

However, Bateman could not attend college due to her contractual obligations with Family Ties.

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