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So if anyone can pass along any information and/or resources where I can do some research on identifying vintage pieces I would really appreciate it.

Hi there, I operate TEA_PAST_TIMES on EBAY and am coming up on my 6th year of selling vintage and antique china.

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the GOODWILL OUTLET in Queens, New York, where finding a fabulous piece takes some serious digging and a critical eye to separate the treasure from the trash.

Defining what true “treasure” is remains up to you — whether it’s finding a one-of-a-kind dress for a fraction of the cost, revealing a rack full of never-before-worn samples from your favorite contemporary brand or my favorite, spotting priceless vintage hidden between the hangers — every thrift store experience presents boundless opportunity and discovery.

Does it make a difference if the mark is red, green, black or another color?

A: Most pieces marked with the name of a country were made after 1891, when the Mc Kinley Tariff Act was passed.

Lack of mark does NOT equate to lack of value or quality.

In 1890 Congress passed protectionist tariff legislation - the Mc Kinley Tariff.

One guideline to help you guess age can be the country of origin. Before 1890, items imported into the United States were not required to contain a mark showing the country of origin.

Many items were marked, of course, but they were "prestige" items - European china for example - where the manufacturer and importer thought the source was a favorable selling point.

Well-known companies include BYD, China Merchants Bank, China Pabst Blue Ribbon, Hasee, Huawei, JXD, Ping An Bank, Ping An Insurance, Shenzhen Airlines, Skyworth, TCL Corporation, Tencent, Vanke, Zhujiang Beer and Zte. During the 2008 Chinese export recalls, heparin was announced by the U. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) due to contamination of the raw heparin stock imported from China.

In 2013, the State Council approved a plan called "Made in China 2025." Drafted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, it took over two years to complete by one hundred and fifty people.

These "prestige" marks will name the manufacturer as well as the country and are normally very elaborate looking things with lions and crowns and coats of arms and so on - all intended to impress the brash Yankees.

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