Dating libra men

I have been pursued romantically at some point by all of these Libra friends, but I could never imagine myself in a relationship with any them because of their attitudes and personalities.

Libra do indeed tend to be romantic, but I suppose to a Capricorn it seems more idealistic than anything.

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Dating libra men

He is so romantic that his charming and debonair manner almost always wins him the girl.

Once he wins her heart he seldom knows what to do next.

I've never found myself romantically attracted to a male Libra, even before knowing about the general lack of compatibility.

I have many Libra friends and I get along great with them and very much think they're fun to hang out with (hence the higher communication rating between the two I suppose).

No, I’m not talking about those idiotic, scary ones that tell us when we’ve eaten too much ice cream.

In general, we Libras are known as harmonious, pleasant, and well-balanced people (scales, get it? But scratch the surface and you’ll find there’s a bit more to us — and admittedly, it’s not all so delightful and sunshiney. The one with the crisp air, beautiful leaves, and oh yeah, HALLOWEEN.

And when it finally ends, they only seem to fall into self-despair and never seem to learn from it.

I’m talking about the ones that represent the fall-friendly zodiac sign, Libra, which happens to be my atrological sign.

I slip the loop around their necks so they can’t get away or come too close.

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