Dating laws in washington

Age of consent in Washington state is 16 unless the older person is in a position of authority (teacher, etc..). If you guys have sex before you are 18, you are sending him to jail. Bottom line - wait until you are 18 then date him all you want. The best way to make sure that doesn't happen is to talk to them FIRST.

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And even if you weren't yet 16, you can still date anyone you want as long as you don't engage in any sexual activity.

You can read the statutory rape laws for yourself over at

At this age, a person can consent to sex with any adult, regardless of the age difference between them.

Washington’s age of consent laws apply to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct.

The most recent report, Out of Sight – Out of Mind?

, which surveyed advocates and service providers in 50 of the largest U. cities, found that 86 percent of the cities surveyed had laws that prohibited or restricted begging, while 73 percent prohibited or restricted sleeping and/or camping.

Minors who are 12 to 13 years old can consent to sex with someone who is 3 years older or less.

And lastly, minors aged 14 or 15 can consent to sex with a person who is 4 years older or less.

Rape of a child in the first degree is a class A felony." Several have reported that the immoral communication with a minor statute exists and places the age of consent at 18 due to the inability to "communicate" to 16- and 17-year-olds about sexual activity.

In the past decade, cities have increasingly moved toward enacting and enforcing laws that specifically criminalize homelessness in response to their concern about the use of public space.

Most states allow minors to consent to sex with a person who is close in age to them—even if they are below the age of consent.

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