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I'm a particular person wen it comes to sharing my secrets...

I can say I'm Hie laddies am Savemore mudzimurega 32 years old from Zimbabwe.

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‘Rooranai vematongo’ is a Shona proverb better translated into English as ‘marry those from your neighborhood’.

I will give you both the don’ts and dos here to balance up things.

Do not be desperate One enemy of sound pre-marital relationships is desperation by young people. There are many reasons for this desperation, but they are all not healthy. Many do not want to learn self-leadership and they think marriage is their career or something. Unless you learn to succeed by yourself and lead yourself well, you will struggle in your relationship. People who are seeking others to satisfy them and give them everything.

Right’ in order to allow oneself to believe in the prospect of eventually being able to turn ‘Mr. With the aid of months of real-world research, I have found that the only way to be part of the hook-up culture or to understand it is to grasp the concept of ‘compromise’.

At the heart of any compromise is an analytical mind.

{love never fail but people fail in A cool and humble single lady, God fearing above all.

Am Tapiwa and i an Agriculturilist, and very much interested in farming crop nd livestock. I grew up in Zimbabwe and i have 2 kids 14 nd 12 nd am seperated with my wife Myi jus love adventure n i fear nothing loves magic in my sparetime im a magician.

One compromise leads to another and another and another, ad infinitum.

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