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This makes little sense or is an error in her judgment as she has already performed unprotected fellatio upon Billy.

See more » : The female prepares carefully for her next encounter with the male.

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Over the course of my stay on earth, I have figured out a couple of things: And therein lay the problem.

We might be great at the work that we do, we may be applauded for our efforts to change how the humans live, and some earthbound humans may even think of us as role models, never even having an inkling that that they are actually referring to an alien race.

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An extraterrestrial anthropologist (David Hyde Pierce) examines the dating and mating rituals of a "typical" human in this romantic comedy.

From the pick-up to the first date to meeting each other's parents, the scientist tries to make sense of all the hoops that a young couple (Mackenzie Astin and Carmen Electra) must jump through in order to be together.

After Billy tried to defend Jennie from Mike, she asks if they should take the relationship to the next level.

The next level is that they are tested for AIDS, so that they don't have to use a condom.

You see, I might look like one of the humans, but deep down, I am not.

The image below makes the differences and the reason of this series of articles very obvious.

She paints her face with berries and chemically processed colors, hiding from the male her natural state, which she hopes to show him at a later time.

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