Dating greetings

The sign-up process is quick (less than fifteen minutes if you already have a profile written), and many of the questions are related to basic demographics or in multiple-choice format.

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Dating greetings

Right from the birthday of someone really close to you to the promotion of a co-worker, we cover every heartbeat of your life.

You will get to choose not just ecards with excellent visuals but also touching messages that make you feel as if you have personally written those lines.

[Read More] No matter what the occasion, Hi has something for you!

We have a wide spectrum of moments covered through our free ecards and online greetings.

What better way to show how much you care than sending them an ecard from American Greetings.

Romantic, sweet and sexy love ecards are perfect for surprising your loved one when they least expect it.

When we were first dating he would email me using “Regards” as his closing.

Over the phone he would often say, “I appreciate you calling,” or “Good luck in all your endeavors.” Though strict on etiquette, I tend to be a very casual, warm person, so I quickly addressed this “formal” behavior early on in our relationship.

When I've traveled, I've found it quite easy to get it wrong.

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