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He credits his initial interest in the topic to his own experiences with relationships, and he hopes his research might spark more students to understand how gender roles are constructed. No part of the contents of this Web journal may be reproduced or transmitted in any form without permission from the author or the Academic Writing Program of the University of Maryland.The views expressed in these essays do not represent the views of the Academic Writing Program or the University of Maryland.City desk reporter covering Hong Kong community news, particularly for City Weekend.

In my defense, I can clean up my dirty mouth in appropriate situations.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a woman getting an education, working and being her own person, but believe it or now I also have very conservative views when it comes to gender roles, children and marriage.

Many of her so-called male friends have shown interest and hinted towards dates, and a couple have outright asked her out.

Regardless of whether Angela wants to do this, Angelas opportunity to do so illustrates the massive imbalance of how different the dating world is to men and women.

It appears gender equality exists in relationships, but a new study published in has found looks can be deceiving.

Laina Bay-Cheng, study author, and Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Buffalo noted men and women were equally likely to see themselves as "wearing the pants" in a relationship, but there were implications in these power differences.

As a result of a variety of societal expectations on the masculine alpha male, men feel pressure to take charge of courtship and pursuit.

There's no problem with this by itself, but there are many unintended effects on dating dynamics. All of these tracks of thought are easily transferred to normal dating.

Previous research has found a woman who pays for herself on a date is someone who is dominant, and can call the shots, but a majority have admitted they're doing it for a troubling reason.

Match's 2017 Singles In America survey noted 47 percent of women offered to pay the bill because they wanted to show their independence, while 74 percent said they did it to not feel obligated to do anything with their date.

As women, we need to stop emasculating our men and start empowering them to be…men!

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