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Some of the most popular furniture, like those in styles now dubbed Art Deco or Mid-Century Modern, aren't even antiques at all, strictly speaking, since an antique by the definition set forth by the United States Customs Service is something at least 100 years old or more.Younger than that is usually termed "vintage" or "collectible."But whatever their official designation, American antiques are always collectible.

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-------------------------------------------------------------------- Marianne Clay is a freelance writer.

By MARIANNE CLAY ''INOW buy every old furniture trade catalogue I see,'' said Rockwell Gardner of Stamford, Conn., a book collector and dealer.

Gillows was an 18th century English furniture maker who has been credited with creating some of the finest mahogany furniture in England.

This gorgeous desk is crafted from beautiful mahogany and features a striking inset leather writing surface that has been hand tooled and gilded.

It's fascinating to see how our native style has evolved, from almost slavish imitation of British pieces - as laid down in design books by cabinetmakers like Thomas Sheraton and George Hepplewhite - to unique forms that could only happen here, by homegrown masters like Gustav Stickley and Charles Eames.

Below is a listing of articles on quintessentially American antique furniture, furniture elements, and designers from the 17th through the 20th centuries.

It became more of a Victorian trend to dress Mahogany with these decorative veneers, such as Rosewood, Kingwood, Burr Walnut and Coromandel, so that the actual Mahogany was almost hidden from view.

Mahogany itself is a rich reddish brown wood that can range from being plain in appearance to something that is so vibrant, figured and almost three dimensional in effect.

With a few exceptions, they don’t have high value as antiques but are solidly made and can last for many years.

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