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We did all this research to find adult living situations where one person was responsible for another. Even though I had been expecting to find something a bit more gnarly and dark, we found the opposite. Then I let them go and stop, talk about it, then give it another go. How much footage did you collect over those two years? We were filming so long that the lab closed, so we had to go to a different one. One of the lines that Pia says in the last scene is: “Mum, I’m bad at reading, so I can’t get married”. She reads a lot, she really likes reading, and she likes people seeing her reading, but I don’t know that she retains and comprehends the whole picture of what she’s reading.

They shared many stories about their lives, and my producer Katja and I starting thinking, “Why aren’t we making a film about their real stories? After that film, the feeling about these real people, who have the same story but better because it’s deeper, more nuanced, and more original, lingered with us. I’ve always had this idea to make a film about an adult-dependent relationship in the countryside. It was summer and they lived in this cool Danish/French artist country vibe with a delightful vegetable garden. (Laughs) Sometimes I would write a rough thing, mostly when working with Pia and her mum. It was like creating a frame for the scene, suggesting sentences that would come up within the frame and the beats of the scene. I’d much rather go for a walk and talk about feelings or backstory. She really did an amazing job of cleaning up my mess, making everything better, clearer. There is a scene where she reads earlier in the film.

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I made another film, and we met a thousand kids during a massive street casting in New Zealand schools. Rehearsals were just hanging out, talking and getting to know them. Even when I do more straightforward stuff, I don’t really do rehearsals because they seem weird to me, and I never really understood how to do them. When we went into our official two-week production period Sophie, the editor, came on board and stayed true to the shape.

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