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Several more boxes are in the garage, Dad's barn, and my brother's basement. But what you see lined up three deep in my parents' kitchen is only part of the collection.If you look at the bottom of this jar you can see a trademark in the middle. It's also the only thing that was identifying this jar as being made by the Hazel-Atlas company. I apparently didn't take any pictures of the Presto jar. I've been led to believe they were made for export. They came in shoulder seal and bead seal varieties.

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We also know that there are periods of overlap where 2 script styles were used concurrently, and other things such as what machine made it, the color, gripper ribs or the shape of the container itself that help us know when it was produced.

Click the link below and it will help you determine more closely how old your Ball jars

The one with the underline and the leg on the A was made from 1910 until 1923. This mold maker had a slightly The underline came back in 1933. This mold maker had a slightly more stylish handwriting. The bluish Ball Perfect Mason jar just two pictures up from here has a lip or bead that keeps the lid from screwing down quite so far.

The one without the leg or underline was made from 1923 to 1933. The letters on the one on the right are kinda sharp, too. You can also find ones with "perfect" misspelled or where it looks like the mold maker came in drunk and was really sloppy with his mold. I think you can work out which jar is called which.

Along with the logo, you can sometimes use the color, size, and other distinguishing marks to help date a mason jar.

and as we read and study about history and antiques we also strive to be historians.It should be finished by the end of 2010 with over 500 pages at that time and 900 pages by the end of next year.About Us Minnetrista is a gathering placeinspired by the Ball family legacythat connects people and encouragesinvolvement, making our community a better place to live.One of the most common emails I receive comes with a description of a jar—e.g., Blue pint Perfect Mason with the number 5 on the bottom—and the question, “How old is my jar?” Use The Logo To Find An Approximate Age It would have been much easier if Ball had placed a date on each and every jar, but that didn’t happen.I can’t tell you how many posts I have seen that list 101 Uses for Mason Jars…of course, most of them don’t actually involve canning.

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