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The Elvis themed restaurant is so versatile, acting not only as a typical resto but also as a bar, late night snack stop and brunch spot. Originally recommended to me by my colleague and “podmate” Jess, Salt is located at the top of the Ossington strip – a street which houses an abundance of every changing, trendy restaurants and bars.The menu is ever-changing, keeping it fresh with unique, fun and delicious food. You can always make a reservation so you never have to wait – even for brunch, which is so incredibly rare in this city! From the progressive tapas menu to the knowledgeable staff that helps navigate it, I really can’t say enough about Salt. The restaurant with some of the longest lines in the city now offers reservations for groups of 6-12 (on top of takeout & delivery too).In fact, your skin looks soft, smooth and refreshed. Although it sounds like I’m poo-pooing on New Year’s resolutions, I promise you that I am not. You don’t want to rock the boat, you worry about people hating you – it’s easier to be amiable than honest.

I like access to my skin care & hair care regime at all times, having my best product friends at hand no matter where I’m at.

This may be a result of my eczema-ridden skin or the fact that I’m pretty sure I live with some form of OCD To add, recently I’ve started kind of seeing someone (I know, the hot mess! If and when I stay over, it becomes shockingly apparent that I’m not 21 anymore.

So i downloaded the latest version (0.30) and i went through the setup process in the README. that just means the old socket was still around from when you were running the older version.

Everything installed ok (i think) but when i went to run qrazercfg i get this error.... smart thinking to delete it and try again, it's not advisable to normally just delete a pid file but in this case since it's just mouse software it's no big deal.

The announcement included an expected release date some time in 2001 and that the game would take place during the classic trilogy Star Wars era.

I don’t know about you, but personally – I don’t like change.

It is a relationship site based on a unique compatibility test which assesses the way each member is likely to behave in a relationship and assesses personality, aspirations, interests and lifestyle.

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, then Parship is the right dating site for you.

The doctor treated me with a pasty orange salve that I later learned was seaberry oil (also known as seabuckthorn). Erase Paste by Benefit Another Benefit best in class, Erase Paste is a concentrated concealer that is easy to blend and instantly brightens and camouflages any imperfections. We want our customer to create her nirvana.”—Mary-Kate Olsen, Elizabeth and James Cofounder”” The day the new scents launched in Canada, Rebecca and I rushed to Sephora to pick-up the rollerball. You’ll never regret having a little pack of facial tissues with you – and the Kleenex On-the-Go! This January, I distinctly remember something my cousin in Poland said to me while I was visiting. This is especially true when it comes to “elders” or people that are more senior to me. I didn’t realize how many times a day I would bow down to someone louder or more aggressive than me, nor how often I would settle for something less than what I wanted or deserved. They’ll help you prepare for gift-giving and save you from setting foot in a mall (a.k.a.

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