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In business from around the turn of the 20th century until the late 1970's, Coro was one of the most, if not the most, prolific costume jewelry companies of all time.

The name Coro came from a contraction of the first two letters of the last names of the original owners, Cohn and Rosenberger.

I have owned or co-owned my own businesses since 1980.

Over the past I have consulted with many international retailers assisting them in strategic positioning and improved market segmentation.

Currently I am finalizing a brand new concept in online retail shopping at VBMShops at This concept is geared to the market segmentation based on demographics and psychographic of the buyers and shoppers of one of a kind merchandise in a boutique environment.

VBMShops is ready for buyers and sellers with descriminating taste and a love of fine and one of kind "treasures".

"Duette" is the term that Coro coined for this versatile mechanism, and like the term Kleenex, it has become a word used to indicate this double clip piece even for companies that weren't Coro (though Trifari used the term "clipmates" rather than duette for their product).

Coro's duettes not only encompassed the usual clear rhinestone/potmetal "bread and butter" type piece but also wonderful figurals including florals, horses, birds and bees with enamels, colored rhinestones and other specialty stones.

I am a geek vintage fashion blogger of the old and new.

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