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Dave Messinger, chief architect of Cloud Spokes, says his company is " the first developer community that matches the cloud with the crowd — a true market where businesses tap into skills and pay for results versus effort, and where developers get access to a new world of opportunity to earn money for cloud development.” The service, built by cloud solutions brand Appirio, allows companies to outsource any form of public cloud development work — entire mobile applications, Facebook pages and technical components for enterprises — in the form of a competition.

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Ribera del Duero (just Ribera to his friends) puts out a ton of super high-quality, low-production wines.

Chief among them is this one, which shockingly manages to keep its price down despite killer reviews.

And trust me, as someone who was super active in the wine industry back in the day, there used to be a lot of bad wine out there.

With all of the advancements in modern winemaking, you may find something you don't like, but it's almost impossible to find a bad bottle of wine.

Give up the coffee, switch from cappuccino to a standard brew, start drinking tea, or brew your own cup.

This is an easy, low-hanging-fruit expense that can yield big savings right away.

Current challenges range from the bizarre — a Python-based app that can create a route guiding users to every train station on a given system within 24 hours — to the highly practical, including an app to facilitate financial aid application processes by extracting information from existing tax files. Chicago-based Red Foundry allows developers full control over the quality and cost of the platform, though VP of Business Development Stan Monlux has stark words for those who go the inexpensive route: “Honestly, cheap apps suck.

If you want to build a cheap app on Red Foundry, you can certainly do it, but we have no interest in that market.” Instead, Red Foundry has two primary goals.

“We have fairly unique technology that allows fully native apps to be built and customized more like a web mashup, as opposed to starting from scratch,” Monlux explains.

“The unique thing about this is that it allows apps (we call them Elements or Micro Apps) to live within other apps to provide highly contextual features that users want, such as booking a hotel through Expedia directly from the Fodor's travel guide app without ever having to leave it.” Through this technology, Monlux explains, app development can be completed on the end of the designers, whose capabilities will more often than not dictate the quality of the app from an aesthetic perspective.

This Chard has enough body to be a phenomenal food wine, too. This takes the aromatics and puts them into overdrive. This wine is made with the Aglianico (ah lee ON ick oh) grape, which is a super old-school variety experiencing a comeback right now.

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